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Type: Zinc Air. Voltage: 1.4 V.     Colour Coded:   Blue

Diameter: 11.6 mm. Height: 5.4 mm.

Price: 4.50 blister pack of six. 4.00 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Also known as: VT675, XL675, AP675, 675HPX, 675A, R675ZA, 675AE, L675ZA, AC675E, ME9Z, A675, DA675X, ZA675, V675AT, DA675H, AC675, 7003ZD, PR44, AC675E, V675A, B900PA, DA675, 675HPX, PR-675PA, PZA675.

The ZA675 is a popular battery for behind-the-ear hearing aids. All manufacturers colour code this battery blue for easy identification. However this should not be confused with the high power ZA675P cochlear implant batteries that are also colour coded blue.

What makes the Zinc Air battery unique is that it uses oxygen from the atmosphere. It has a small hole in the case that allows air into the battery, which is used as part of the chemical reaction. The battery is not activated until the plastic seal is removed. Typical applications are hearing aids, pagers and personal medical instruments.

These batteries have a non-ending shelf life. They can be stored indefinitely until the plastic seal is removed. Why not buy two or more, take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left without a hearing- aid next time your battery runs out. If you wish to purchase these batteries in larger quantities, we also sell boxes of 60 cells that are available for a discounted price. Click here to buy a box of 60 ZA675 batteries.

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