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DP-UK201 Audio Charger for Ni-MH 'Gumstick' and AA / AAA Batteries

Postage and packing included.

Dimensions of Charger: Length: 102 mm. Width: 65 mm. Height: 33.5 mm.

Weight of Charger: 61 g.

Charging current : 250mA at a voltage of 1.48V

Status LED : Red: indicates charging is in progress, Green: indicates charging complete (or awaiting insertion of battery)

Battery Sizes: takes one or two batteries of size AA (R6, Mignon),
                            one or two batteries of size AAA (R03, Micro), 
                            one or two batteries of size C (R14, Baby), 
                            one or two NiMH 'gumstick' or prismatic battery (7/5F6)
                            (such as  AIWA MHB 901, SHARP ADN 55 BT, SONY NH14WM, NH10WM, NC-6WM, 
                            in any combination. Each of the two charging channels is entirely independent of the other.

Battery Type: Suitable for Ni-MH and NiCd batteries. 

Battery Voltage: 1.2 V.

Battery Capacity: Suitable for 1.2V cells between 400mAh and 3,400 mAh.

This DP-UK201 battery charger is compact and light. It has been specially designed to charge the batteries used in most of today's portable audio devices

Charging times for this DP-UK201 battery charger are: AA (2100 mAh) 10 hours, AAA (750 mAh) 3.75 hours, Prismatic (1350 mAh) 6.75hours

It will recharge AA and AAA batteries such as AA NiMH 2100mAh, AA NiMH 2300mAh and AAA NiMH 800mAh batteries. 

It will recharge one or two pieces of NiMH 'gumstick' or prismatic battery such as RB103244 (Replacement for 'Gumstick' Sony NH-14WM, Sharp AD-N55BT, Aiwa MHB-901)


This is a neat and 'handy' charger which has been designed to gently charge the latest generation of NiMH batteries as well as older rechargeable batteries of a lower capacity. 

This intelligent charger (with Electronic Charge Control) incorporates automatic end-of-charge detection and then switches to trickle charge, and also contains a safety timer.


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