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Canon BP2-L12, BP2L12 replacement battery (BP2L12 BP2L14)  

Type: Lithium-Ion. Voltage: 7.4 V. Capacity: 1260 mAh.

Height: 45.2 mm. Width: 33.3 mm. Depth: 30 mm.

Price: 20.99. Postage and packing included.

Replaces: Canon BP2-L12, Canon BP2L12, Canon BP2-L12H, Canon BP2L12H, Canon BP2L12. The BP2L12 is an equivalent to many other batteries. Click here for details. 

This BP2L12 Lithium-Ion Digital camera battery fits some Canon digital cameras and camcorders. It is a DIRECT replacement for the Canon BP2-L12 battery. 

For use with camcorders such as the: 

Canon Elura40
Canon Elura 40 mc
Canon Elura 40
Canon Elura60
Canon Elura 60
Canon Elura65
Canon Elura 65
Canon Elura70
Canon Elura 70
Canon IXYDV3
Canon MV5
Canon MV5i
Canon MV5iMC.

This Canon BP2L12, Canon BP2-L12 battery replacement comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


For a suitable charger consider our fabulously versatile universal U-Charger

If you need the single-capacity half-thickness version of this battery then take a look here.......


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The BP2L12 can replace these batteries too.... 

Canon BP2-L12, 
Canon BP2L12, 
Canon BP2-L12H, 
Canon BP2L12H,
Canon BP2-L14, 
Canon BP2L14, 
Canon BP2-L14H, 
Canon BP2L14H,
VidPro AC-BP2L12, 
Lenmar DLC2L12,
Canon BP2L12
Uniross VB103722
Fameart CA12
Energizer CA12.