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SONY LIP-4WM ('Gumstick' Sony LIP4WM, LIP-4WM)

Type: Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick'. Voltage: 3.7 V. Capacity: 370 mAh.

Height: 63.3 mm. Width: 23.1 mm. Depth: 3.5 mm.

Price: 26.39. Postage and packing included.

Replaces:  This is a genuine Sony LIP-4WM battery. 

This Sony LIP-4WM Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick' battery, powers Sony Hi-MD portable walkmans. 

This Sony LIP-4WM Lithium-Ion 'Gumstick' battery is for use with Sony Hi-MD portable walkmans such as the:
Sony MZ-NH1, 
Sony MZ-NH3D, 
Sony MZ-RH1,
Sony MZ-EH1, 
Sony MZ-DH10
Sony MZ-DH10P.


If your gumstick battery is Sony NH-14WM, Sony NH-10WM or Sony NC-6WM NiMH (and not Lithium-Ion) look at our 1350mAh rechargeable gum stick battery.

If your gum stick battery is Lithium-Ion (but from Sharp, Pioneer or Kenwood) look at this Li-Ion rechargeable gum stick battery.

For a suitable charger consider our fabulously versatile universal U-Charger


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